Minister for Transport, Tourism, and Sport Shane Ross has reiterated his disappointment that Donal Conway has been elected as President of the Football Association of Ireland.

Conway told delegates that the culture within the association must change after he was returned unopposed with 134 votes in favour, five against and one abstention.

"I'm disappointed. We made our view absolutely clear about it," Ross told RTÉ News.

"He's served on the board now since 2004, and we thought that it was long enough. It's against corporate governance rules, and it's a bad precedent for anyone to serve as long as that.

"We thought he should resign."

Ross went on to claim that the new President had broken a promise that he made earlier in the year.

"He promised, at a meeting in April, that he would resign. He hasn't done that, he's stood for election again.

"He's unfortunately been unopposed, as well, which means he's had a clear run. I think it's a great disappointment to see the old guard being reinstated in the FAI."

The Minister confirmed that government funding of €2.9m will remain suspended for the foreseeable future.

"It has been suspended until they get their corporate governance, which is the management of the entire organisation, in order.

"It is not in order at the moment. We want to see the money that the taxpayer puts into the FAI... properly managed, and managed by people who haven't been there for a long time, but who are going to take a fresh approach.

"We don't see any great hope that someone whose been in charge for so long, and whose been on the board for so long, will take any new initiatives."

Ross met the FIFA and UEAFA officials on Friday night, and told them that the Government was not attempting to interfere in the "independent running" of the FAI.

"What we're worried about is that it's properly managed and that taxpayer's money is protected.

"We made that plain to them. They listened, and I think they accepted what we said."