Republic of Ireland boss Mick McCarthy said he didn't watch any of the FAI board's appearance at the Oireachtas Committee earlier this month - "I don't get RTÉ in Bromley" - but vowed to give the next CEO his full support.

Board members, including former chief executive John Delaney, came under scrutiny at the Oireachtas as they faced questions about a €100,000 bridging loan Delaney gave the organisation in 2017.

Delaney has stepped aside from his role as Executive Vice-President of the FAI pending the completion of a review into governance of the organisation, and a new CEO will likely be announced at July's AGM.

When asked if he'd watched coverage of the Oireachtas hearing, McCarthy replied: "No. I don't get RTÉ back in Bromley. I wouldn't be looking at it anyway. I'm kept up to date with things that are going on, but I don't follow it that closely.

"I'm immune to it a little but because I live in England. I've been kept up to date with it of course and I've read bits and pieces about it but it doesn't affect me, it doesn't affect the football, it doesn't affect the players. 

"I can read all sorts in papers and if I took everything on board I''d have a different view of it but I just don't. I carry on doing my job. 

"I work for the FAI. There was 11 people on the board that were party to my being employed. If one of them has left, or anyone else, I'm still employed by the FAI. The board's still there and operating. I'm being employed by them.

"I worked closely with John Delaney in the first stint. I've only been here since 1 December. My contact with John has been minimal. I've spoken to him on the phone, any issues I've had we've discussed them.

"I don't think it's going to affect anything at [on the playing side of things].

"I am still doing the job was employed to do and I will continue to do it the way I do it."

Asked about Niall Quinn's suitability for a role within the association, McCarthy - who was speaking at the launch of the SportsDirect FAI Summer Soccer Schools at the Aviva Stadium - added: "Quinny was [chairman] at Sunderland for a time. He's been involved in the administration of football.

"He's very bright Quinny, he's a mate of mine. I'll leave it to other people to decide who gets it. But whoever gets it... I would support whoever gets it, like I've supported John and I'll support anyone else who gets the gig."

On suggestions he might move upstairs once his tenure as Ireland manager ends in 2020, McCarthy was emphatic: "The board room? Absolutely zero chance."