The chairman of the Leinster Senior League has called for change in how Irish football is run as he revealed that a large number of the leading amateur league's clubs are "not confident in the direction the FAI board is taking".

David Moran told RTÉ Sport on Thursday that the LSL committee had written to its 138 member clubs asking whether the Association's board should resign in the wake of revelations over a €100,000 loan from former FAI chief executive John Delaney to his employers.

"We have about 50 clubs back," Moran told RTÉ Radio 1's Morning Ireland today. "It's not positive for the FAI.

"Basically they're saying they're not confident after what they've seen over the last couple of weeks. They're not confident in the direction that the FAI board is taking this.

"Obviously we have to wait, we would like 100% of our clubs to come back and they'll mandate us to take it forward.

"We'll wait on the clubs' mandate but if that means a clear-out that means a clear-out.

"My personal opinion is: we have to change. If that means new people coming in, governance, financial, then that's what we have to do.

"We need some fresh ideas to look at the whole structures of football in the country, to basically regain the confidence of the public in Ireland, which is what's needed after the last two or three weeks.

"We'll make a statement based on the survey that we sent out... and we would hope that the football family will come together as one and restore the confidence that Sport Ireland require."

Sport Ireland have suspended their annual €2.7m funding of the FAI due to the Association's failure to notify them of financial difficulties, as per state-funding conditions.

Moran said ensuring the return of this funding was of paramount importance to amateur football in Ireland.

"The clubs that I represent get a lot of their grants from Sport Ireland," said Moran. "Dressing-rooms, nets, all that kind of stuff that they can't afford.

"It certainly affects grassroots football, all across the country and not just in our league.

"It's very important that we convince Sport Ireland and bring back the confidence in the FAI, and they (SI) bring back the funding.

"We have to lobby the FAI to regain confidence so that Sport Ireland will put those grants back in place."

Meanwhille, the FAI reportedly kept Airtricity League Premier Division side Dundalk waiting for UEFA prize-money around the same time as former chief executive John Delaney loaned the Association €100,000.

The club had apparently agreed with the Association for prize money earned for its 2016 Europa League and Champions League campaigns to be disbursed in installments.

However, the Irish Independent reports today that the club contacted Mr Delaney on 29 March 2017, saying €300,000 was urgently needed for pitch improvements and bills.

Dundalk received this in four installments over the following month, the last tranche of €150,000 coming on 28 April, three days after Delaney made his 'bridging loan' to prevent a €1.5m overdraft limit being exceeded.

RTÉ Sport contacted both Dundalk and the FAI but neither were willing to comment at this time.