Callum O'Dowda is a well-established member of the Republic of Ireland squad now, to the point that a senior player like James McClean can make a joke at his expense in a press conference.

The Bristol City attacker was excellent in midfielder against Poland the last day out and when asked his best position, the 23 year old listed almost every position in the offensive half of the field as he detailed where club manager Lee Johnson and Martin O'Neill have utilised him recently.

Number 10, left wing, right wing, part of a midfield three, part of an attacking three.

Sitting next to him at a press conference ahead of tomorrow night's Nations League clash with Denmark was McClean, who was asked for his opinion on O'Dowda's best position.

"Not left wing anyway," said the Stoke City attacker, in an attempt to protect his own patch from the talented pretender.

"I think he’s comfortable anywhere. He’s very good centrally when he is running with the ball. He holds the ball really well and has a bit of pace. He can go either way when he picks the ball up in the central area and he is very hard to stop once he gets going. But obviously, I’m not a manager."

Of O'Neill, O'Dowda is full of praise, saying the positive Republic of Ireland boss has improved him as a player since handing him his first cap against Belarus in the run-up to Euro 2016.

"He makes me a better player, the way he bigs me up to myself, he probably makes me feel like I am better than I actually am, if I’m being honest. But that’s what you want from a manager as well. He has been really good to me," said O'Dowda, who excelled in the 1-1 draw with Poland last month.

"The manager is really positive with me, and since I have come in, he has been really good at managing me, and that is what he is really good at. I probably feel like I am a better player."

As for where he sees himself progressing to as part of the Ireland set-up, O'Dowda sees the man seated beside him as an inspiration.

"I remember saying this a couple of years ago at another press conference and I'm not just saying this because he's here but [McClean's impact on the team] is something that I want to be doing, I want to establish myself in and be that kind of player that makes an impact like that.

"As a boy going into football those are the things you want to be doing in the game, make an impact and be in the headlines."

Like McClean, just maybe not in his position.

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