Wexford Youths have been invited to become members of the eircom League of Ireland, the FAI confirmed today.

The club have been awarded a First Division Licence for the 2007 season by the FAI's First Instance Committee following a successful application.

Wexford Youths are the brainchild of construction magnate Mick Wallace, who has funded the construction of a state-of-the-art complex for the new team's home.

'It will be an incredible boost for soccer in the area,' Wallace said. 'We are very much a community based team and will be run differently than any League of Ireland club has ever been run.'

The FAI Licensing Department is currently processing one other application for a First Division licence, from Limerick 37, the new entity hoping to replace Limerick FC in the First Division.

The FAI confirmed in a statement: 'This process was delayed for two weeks by a High Court injunction and the Licensing Department is currently working to process this application as quickly as possible.'