A spanner was thrown into the FAI's plans for a new look Premier and First Division as Limerick FC chairman Danny Drew was granted an interim court injunction stopping the introduction of any new clubs into the leagues.

Drew was in the High Court in Dublin yesterday and was granted an interim injunction against the FAI which could put the start of the 2007 season in jeopardy.

It is understood that Drew was granted an interim injunction which will stop the FAI from negotiating any contracts with any new entity to replace Limerick FC.

It is also believed that the injunction stops the FAI from granting a licence to another new team and also stops the participation agreement being signed by any of the proposed new national league sides which have applied for a licence.

This would include a group calling itself Limerick 37 and Wexford, both of whom want to become part of the league.

The decision could result in the formation of the new look Premier Division and First Division being put back while the case runs it's course.

All clubs had to be signed up to a participation agreement for new look league today.

At present a consortium of Junior, Ladies and schoolboy/girl interest calling themselves 'Soccer Limerick' have applied formally for the licence.

The group interviewed a number of mangers at the weekend including former Limerick FC bosses Noel O'Connor, Mike Kerley and Tommy Lynch.

Commentating on the case last night Drew, who is the majority shareholder in JRM Sports - the name Limerick FC trade under, insisted that he was not trying to stop anyone in Limerick or elsewhere getting a licence.

He said: 'This is not about me trying to stop anyone from playing football or being granted a licence. It is about us, and by us I mean Limerick FC getting a fair hearing from the FAI. That is all we want.'

An FAI spokesman declined to comment fully on the issue but it is expected that they may release a statement today.

The FAI spokesman said: 'Until such time as papers are actually served on the Football Association of Ireland then we are not in a position to comment.'

Limerick FC were told by the FAI last December that their application to be granted a licence had been turned down. A subsequent appeal by the club was also rejected by the FAI appeals board.

It is expected that there will be a further court hearing on the issue next Monday.