The issues surrounding the women's game in Ireland won’t be sorted out quickly, says IRFU high performance director David Nucifora.

Adam Griggs’ senior team operate on an amateur basis and although they finished third in the recent Six Nations, are still way off the pace set by England, who are professionals, and the semi-pro French.

There are no plans to move to a semi-professional basis at the moment.

"It's a long-term thing, there’s no short-term fix," the Australian told reporters.

"There’s got to be a commitment over a long period of time to build a pathway that's suitable for the women's game.

"We’ve got to keep working away at developing the infrastructure here in Ireland, that’s the key to it. It’s about broadening the base.

"We’re working hard to develop competition structures and the pathway model for girls coming through, broadening the roles of our elite development pathway developmental coaches so they can take more responsibility to focus on the development of female players.

"We've got some other things in mind around competition structure, building the base.

"If the game wants to keep developing at the elite end and World Rugby wants to keep growing the exposure at the elite end, we have to have the capacity to meet those commitments.

"To do that, we have to keep bringing through a volume of players and a quality of players as well to be able to achieve that."

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