Conor McGregor expects his UFC featherweight title fight against Jose Aldo to take place in Las Vegas in July.

“It’s still a little bit [up] in the air,” he told while in Arizona for the build-up to Sunday's Super Bowl.

“I think July, we’re talking. Early July, around international fight week. It was supposed to be May, there were rumours of May. Now we’re talking July.”

McGregor also revealed that that he had intended to fight in Ireland, reportedly Croke Park, but that the financial benefits of a bout in Las Vegas compensated for any disappointment on missing out on a big Irish date. 

“Vegas is big business. We had the stadium ready in Ireland, a couple of issues came up," he said. 

"If we went and done the stadium in Ireland we would have cut out the [American] pay-per-views, and now I’m on the pay-per-view cut. So we are heading to Vegas and I'm happy.

“Vegas for me is a home away from home. I've been there the past week, I go back there tonight.

"Chances are I’ll go out there about eight weeks before the fight, set up a house, set up my team out there and have it as a home away from home, have home-field advantage. I feel Vegas is home as well.”

McGregor, who stopped Denis Siver in the second round in their clash two weeks ago, was in typically confident mood when asked to predict how his fight against Brazilian champion Aldo might go.

“Similar to most of them," he said. "I will enter the contest free and I will break them down bit by bit. As soon as the first exchange happens it’s not a joke no more.”

Asked about his ability to generate publicity, McGregor said that he didn't practice speaking to the media but that his outspoken nature was a result of being Irish. 

“A little thing about the Irish. When people ask us a question we'll answer it truthfully, and we don't care if you like it [the answer] or not," he said.

“That's what I've been doing. People ask me a question and I answer it.

“People think it's promotion, or 'trash talk' but I'm just speaking fact, in my mind.”