Red Bull will take whatever engine they can get in their bid to stay in Formula One beyond this season, Daniel Ricciardo has claimed.

Red Bull, the four-time world champions are facing up to the ever-increasing chance of losing their place on the grid after failing to secure an engine deal for 2016.

"Again just knowing what engine we are going to be with is hard to say and hard to know"

Ferrari have joined Mercedes in refusing to provide power units to Red Bull next season while question marks also surround Renault, the team's current engine supplier, and their future in Formula One.

Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz has already set a deadline of the end of October to determine whether his team will continue in Formula One beyond this year. The outspoken Austrian also claimed he was only interested in securing a competitive engine.

However, it emerged at the last race in Austin that Red Bull could link up with Honda despite the Japanese manufacturer's miserable return to the grid with McLaren this year.

"Honestly, in terms of what engine we are going to have it is still unknown, but the vibe is that we still want to stay here," said Ricciardo ahead of this weekend's Mexican Grand Prix.

"Unless no one gives us an engine, that is the only thing that is going to stop us from racing at this point.

"But I think we will take whatever we can get because we want to be racing."

Bernie Ecclestone claimed in Austin that Ron Dennis, the McLaren chairman, is blocking Honda from providing Red Bull with an engine next season.

Ricciardo added: "The longer it gets the more difficult it is becoming but at the same time I still have a lot, probably more, confidence that we will be on the grid than I had before.

"I believe we will be there because everyone wants to be. Again just knowing what engine we are going to be with is hard to say and hard to know."

Red Bull, who won four consecutive driver and team titles between 2010 and 2013, have not won a race in over a year, and have featured on the podium on just three occasions. Some have accused Mateschitz of sour grapes over his continued threats to withdraw his team from Formula One.

But Ricciardo, a three-time winner last year, said: "There are two sides. Some fans see it as us being maybe spoiled because now that we don't win we are complaining. It is not that we are making excuses. We just don't like losing.

"I still see everyone motivated. I am still motivated. Sure it is sad leaving on a Sunday night and not having a trophy to show for it. But we are able to reset quickly and we still come to each race with the same motivation."