One of Ireland's penalty shootout heroines Roisin Upton scored in sudden death with a fractured bone in her wrist.

The Green Army qualified for the 2020 Olympics on Sunday evening following a nerve-shredding climax against Canada in Dublin.

The second leg at Energia Park finished scoreless, as the first leg had, meaning the game went to penalties.

Upton squeezed home her effort in sudden death, allowing goalkeeper Ayeisha McFerran to deny the Canadians and book Ireland's ticket to Tokyo. However, she had to go through the pain barrier to do so.

"I broke the top of my ulna (a bone in the forearm that goes from the elbow up to the hand)," Upton told the Limerick Leader.

"There was just a point in the match where I felt I couldn't grip my stick properly and my wrist was quite sore, so I'm not too sure if I had a fall or got a bang.

"I'm not too sure exactly when, but adrenaline just takes over and I just kept going. I'm looking forward to re-watching the game trying to pinpoint when it might have happened.

"After the game, I was called in to get drug tested along with the Canadian captain. I just couldn't open some of the bags... I knew then my wrist was quite sore. I was coming down off the high of winning."

An X-ray yesterday revealed the extent of the damage, and though Upton currently has her arm in a cast, she's hopeful she won't be out of action for more than four weeks.

"We went out on Sunday evening celebrating and it was still sore," she added.

"When I woke up on Monday morning it was the same and we had a medical examination before we break for a couple of weeks, so I said it to my physio who thought it would be a good idea to go to the team doctor in Sport Ireland. I went for an X-ray in Cappagh Hospital from there and turned out to be fractured.

"I am in a cast now for the next couple of weeks. It will be four weeks before I see the consultant again, so hopefully I won't be out much longer than that."