The Gaelic Players Association have written to every county board, expressing their support for the 'green proposal' ahead of next month's Congress vote on football championship structures.

The GPA cite the need for change, value for the provincial series, retaining the importance of the Allianz Leagues and fairness for all counties as their reasons, with 70% of inter-county panels favouring the structure that will see round-robin groups in the Sam Maguire and Tailteann Cup.

The GAA’s Central Council will meet on Saturday to consider the two proposals for potential Gaelic football reform with the green proposal set for significant backing.

From 2023 onwards, the red proposal could see a round robin provincial championship in February and March, followed by a national league type championship from April.

Meanwhile, the green proposal would see the retention of the current Allianz League and provincial championships from 2021 - followed by round-robin groups in the Sam Maguire and Tailteann cups.

The GPA says it will back the green proposal when the matter is discussed at Central Council on Saturday.

CEO Tom Parsons wrote to all county boards informing them of the players’ position yesterday evening.

"Following consultation in recent weeks, approximately 70% of squads are in favour of the green proposal, 15% in equal favour of Red and Green proposals and 15% in favour of the Red proposal," a GPA statement says.

"There is consensus among players that both proposals are a significant improvement to the status quo and this is to be welcomed. Players feel a unified approach for change at the upcoming GAA Congress must be a key priority.

"Players support for Proposal B at Special Congress last October was based on three key criteria; fairness, development and change. It is extremely positive from a player’s perspective that both the green and red proposals respect those criteria. It is clear that the supporters of change at Special Congress were listened to."

The players group says that the reward for the Tailteann Cup winners - automatic entry into the following years Sam Maguire series - will strongly further incentivise the competition.

"It is also important to recognise that the other key takeaways from Special Congress has also been listened to - maintaining a strong connection between the provincial championships and the Sam Maguire competition.

"Players heard this message and again it’s clear that both green and red proposals have moved to keep that meaningful connection."