Mayo have confirmed they intend to vote against Proposal B at Saturday's Special Congress.

The Mayo county board this morning confirmed that clubs in the county had mandated their delegates to vote against Motion 18 (the eight-team provincial championship) and Motion 19 (Proposal B - the league based championship) at the weekend.

James Horan had earlier expressed some misgivings about Proposal B in an interview with Midwest Radio, in particular the element whereby the top teams in Division 3 and Division 4 leapfrog the lower-placed Division 1 teams into the knockout phase.

With 183 delegates permitted to vote on Saturday, the 60% margin required means that 110 votes are needed for Proposal B, the league-based championship, to prevail ahead of Proposal A, four provincial groups of eight, and Proposal C, reverting to the status quo of a provincial and qualifier system, minus the Super 8s.

With many of Ulster's voting delegates set to reject Proposal B in favour of C, the strength of the overseas units will be significant – they hold 34 votes.

A large number of counties have already resolved to vote in favour of B - Cork, Tipperary, Clare in Munster, Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon from Connacht, Down in Ulster.

A glut of Leinster counties have also said they intended to vote for B - Wexford, Westmeath, Louth, Kildare, Offaly and Meath.

But five counties have now announced their intention to vote against Proposal B - Mayo, Galway, Fermanagh, Derry and Armagh.