Calls for Proposal A to be withdrawn ahead of Saturday's Special Congress and a two-year trial for Proposal B were made by former GAA president John Horan last night.

During a phone call with county chairs, Horan, who directed the Fixtures Calendar Review Task Force to come up with proposals during his time as president, outlined his backing to Proposal B, a league-based championship.

But the proposal will need 60% support to get through Special Congress delegates this Saturday at Croke Park.

With that in mind, the former president has suggested a two-year trial for the league-based championship in 2023 and 2024.

This would mean reverting to the status quo in 2022 – provincial championships, qualifier system, and Tailteann Cup – but, if approved on Saturday, would see the championship run on a league basis from 2023.

It would also allow for adjustments to be made to the template between now and next February’s annual Congress.

The future for Proposal A - four provincial groups of eight that would see preliminary losers in one province moving to another – is less positive.

Horan called for that proposal to be withdrawn ahead of Saturday due to a significant lack of support.

At this stage, Proposal B has support from the GPA and a large number of inter-county managers.

At least three members of the Task Force have also publicly backed Proposal B but it has faced huge criticism from provincial council bosses.

With a 60% vote required to see it over the line, margins will remain tight until the process completes one way or another on Saturday. Horan’s call for a two-year trial commencing from 2023 may give Proposal B a better chance of gaining the necessary approval.

At this stage a number of stakeholders have spoken of their preference for either the status quo or change and many eyes will be on Croke Park’s top table to see if they address the situation in the remaining days.