Limerick midfielder Darragh O'Donovan was less than impressed by the delay to the throw-in time at Croke Park, as his side overcame Waterford for a place in the All-Ireland senior hurling final.

The defending champions overcame a sluggish start to cruise to a 1-25 to 0-17 victory over Waterford.

Throw-in for the game was pushed back from 5pm to 5:30pm due to major delays on the M7 in Kildare.

A lorry carrying a number of straw bales is understood to have struck a flyover bridge, scattering a number of bales onto the road in the process and reducing traffic to a single lane.

The tailback was estimated to have extended up to 10 kilometres and included supporters heading to the game in Croke Park - as a result the GAA delayed the match by 30 minutes.

However while both teams had already arrived at the venue well in advance of the scheduled 5pm throw-in, O’Donovan was unhappy with the delay.

"I think the 30-minute delay probably affected both teams," he told RTÉ Sport. "Players should be put first in that instance, 4 points to 3 in an All-Ireland semi-final after 18 minutes.

"It affected both teams, it’s very unfair and it’s just as unfair on Waterford."

Waterford manager Liam Cahill said he couldn't blame his team's defeat on the wait but admitted he would have liked a decision to have been made earlier.

"We were fine," he said. "We would probably have liked to have it conveyed to us a bit sooner, that's all. But it had no effect whatsoever in that regard."

Despite the delay, Limerick and O’Donovan soon found their stride and ran out comfortable winners.

When asked about what proved to be the difference between the teams, he replied "Getting back to the basics and working hard. We had a very slow start the last day against Tipperary and we wanted to come out of the box full of fire, so we’re very happy with that.

"I suppose we could have had a couple of goals in the first-half. We didn’t score goals in the Championship last year, we’re getting a few this year and goals win games."