An amended motion to clamp down on cynical fouls in hurling looks set to be proposed at GAA Congress later this month.

The Irish Examiner reports that the amendment would see a player sin-binned for 10 minutes and a penalty  awarded for cynical fouls that occur within the 20-metre line and semi-circle – and deny a goal-scoring opportunity.

The original motion, which was put forward by the standing committee on the playing rules, had recommended that the fouls could take place anywhere on the pitch.

By focusing on fouls close to goal, it is hoped the motion will be passed.

Last month, Munster GAA boss Kieran Leddy stressed the issue of cynical play in hurling needs to be addressed urgently.

Last February, Congress voted overwhelmingly against the introduction of a black card, but a number of high-profile incidents across the disjointed 2020 season brought the topic to the fore again.

"There is a debate at present as to whether cynicism exists in the game of hurling and at a level that warrants action by way of new rules," Munster CEO Leddy wrote in the province's annual report.

"There can be no doubt that there were some tackles of a cynical nature in this year's championship, and these tackles denied clear scoring opportunities. 

"It is important that the association deals with this question now, as opposed to take a 'wait and see' approach.

"It is not a question of living with it if it is only a few incidents here and there.

"If a cynical tackle confers an advantage to the team of the player that commits the foul, it is unfair.

"Cynical fouling needs to be discussed in that context."