Declan Bonner says Donegal captain Michael Murphy is not getting enough protection from referees.

Manager Bonner feels Murphy comes in for "special treatment" because of his physique and says he was targeted by Armagh's players during last Sunday’s Ulster SFC semi-final.

"Michael gets that attention every day he goes out," said Donegal boss Bonner, who spoke to referee David Coldrick about Murphy’s treatment during the first water break.

"I felt in the first quarter that there were a few definite frees that we didn’t get. Michael is a big strong lad and he comes in for special treatment.

"He’s a special player. He doesn’t get the protection that he deserves - like everyone else that goes onto a playing pitch.

"Michael is well fit to look after himself. I felt there were a number of frees that we didn’t get. We’ll move on and get ready for next week."

Bonner also questioned the choice of venue for this Sunday’s Ulster final against Cavan.

Armagh’s Athletic Grounds will host the decider but the pitch looked in a poor state during Cavan’s win against Down.

"Looking at the state of the pitch on Sunday, it didn’t look to be in great shape," said Bonner.

"I would have definite concerns about that. It has been fixed for Armagh so we can only take it that the powers that be will see to it that the pitch will be win a proper playing condition.

"Both goals and going out 25 metres, it looked pretty dug up."

Donegal will clinch a three-in-a-row of Ulster titles for the first time with victory over Cavan and a potential All-Ireland semi-final meeting with Dublin.

"There is no backdoor now so every game has been hugely important," said Bonner. "This is it, do or die. We are treating the Cavan game the exact same.

"There is a huge opportunity in winning an Ulster final. There is a huge carrot dangling there for whoever takes it."