The Club Players' Association has backed the Gaelic Players' Association's calls for a split season ahead of a meeting of the GAA's Fixture Calendar Review Task Force on Wednesday.

The GPA's proposal to commence the inter-county campaign in February, end that series in July, and devote the remainder of the year to the club season is to be considered by the task force.

The proposal calls for a shorter inter-county season from 2021 to ease what the GPA says are "unsustainable demands" for their members.

The CPA is also calling on the task force to capitalise on "the growing momentum for real change and the dawning realisation that splitting the season is the best option for players".

"Circumstances have presented the GAA with a golden opportunity to trial a clear split in the season," said CPA chairman Micheál Briody.

"The response from clubs, players and supporters has shown definitively there is merit in giving club and county their own clear windows, with the right governance structures in place.

"It may have taken different timelines and different routes to get to this point but there is a growing realisation that a split season approach is the best solution to fixing the fixtures. It is reassuring now to see that the GAA, GPA and CPA have come to similar conclusions. We have always said it is about what is right, not who is right."

On Monday, former Tipperary goalkeeper and manager Ken Hogan said the proposal to adapt defined periods for club and inter-county action is "a no-brainer" and should be agreed by all parties.

Briody said it would be "unforgivable" to pass up the chance to implement the change. 

"The current consensus has come about as a result of circumstances and the threat to our games posed by the disruption and uncertainty of Covid-9.

"But with any threat there is also very often an opportunity, and if the task force can build on the current opportunity with evidence from the enforced split, then the GAA has a once in a generation chance to fix the fixtures.

"The GPA’s very positive adoption of a season split to accommodate fully club and county programmes is commendable and we strongly welcome it.  

"We believe there are grounds for cautious optimism. An opportunity has presented itself, it would be unforgivable to let it pass."