The Ladies Gaelic Football Association has passed a motion which will see players who kick a '45 from the ground and over the bar rewarded with two points on the scoreboard.

Motion 61 from Kilkenny came before the LGFA's annual Congress on Saturday and gained large support from delegates at the Lough Rea Hotel event.

The change will officially come into force from 1 May, with the stipulation that the ball must travel over the bar and not be touched by any other player for the two points to be awarded.

If the ball is touched or deflected over by another player from the 45-metre kick, only one point will be awarded.

A proposal to prohibit players from moving the ball backwards from a 45 was defeated, meanwhile.

Meanwhile, the LGFA also chose its next president. Micheál Naughton will become the 13th president of the association after being elected by delegates and will succeed incumbent Marie Hickey at 2021 Annual Congress.

Speaking at this year's Congress, Hickey rebuffed suggestions that the LGFA is not favour of the concept of dual players after a Dublin motion calling for official recognition and support of the dual player concept was defeated.

"People read it that we weren't going to work with camogie," she said.

"There was excellent discussion on the day, and the majority of the discussion was on the wording of the motion, and the definition of 'dual'.

"Players play other sports outside of camogie and ladies football, and the word ‘facilitate’ means that you have to make it happen, but it’s not always possible."