The impact of adverse weather on the GAA calendar gained attention once again over the last fortnight as Storm Ciara and then Storm Dennis made their presence felt.

The windy conditions and heavy rainfall led to postponements as well as in-game influence on the Allianz League matches that did go ahead.

Finding a solution to the problem is ever more important as 66 of the 77 Allianz Football and Hurling league fixture postponements in the last 11 years due to weather have all come since 2017.

Clare senior football manager Colm Collins offered an intriguing suggestion to mitigate the issue when he spoke to the RTÉ GAA Podcast.

"Terrible conditions at the weekend and I don't think they're getting any better," he said.

"I mean surely, is it beyond finances to have a ground in every province that's enclosed? I don't know."

Collins added: "It would be a great investment because the weather seems to be getting worse and worse and if we intend on playing in the middle of winter, I think that's the only way to go." 

With April reserved for club action, the early inter-county season consequently starts earlier in the year which means more potential for the weather to have a disruptive impact in January and February.

Collins believes splitting the calendar in half to cater for both the club and county scene would help matters.

"In Clare, they pile four or five league fixtures into the month of April and you then have the ridiculous situation where clubs in the middle summer are travelling all over the place looking for challenge games when our league should be on," he said.

"But that's another issue to do with availability of county players. 

"I think that it would be a much better idea to run one season for six months and another season for six months."

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