Former Limerick hurler Niall Moran believes Galway should be careful how they utilise Joe Canning during the Allianz League campaign.

The 2017 All-Ireland winner came off injured against Limerick as the Tribesmen lost 1-19 to 0-14 at the Gaelic Grounds.

While fears of an absence have been allayed, Moran told RTÉ 2FM Game On that Galway should use Canning more sparingly in the remainder of the league to avoid any injuries that might impact the player by the time the All-Ireland Championship begins.

Canning missed almost all of last year's unsuccessful Leinster campaign after injuring his groin in the League semi-final defeat to Waterford.

"A part of me would probably ask the question, did we need to see Joe Canning going full tilt the last two weeks in a row?" Moran said.

"Not that Limerick dished out punishment to Joe but, as a player on the opposition, if you get a hit at Joe Canning, you're going to want to try and make that hit because it's a major turn-up for a team.

"I just think the season is long. Maybe they might be better holding Joe just a little bit more in reserve because obviously Galway without Joe will be a different prospect in the Championship. You've got to make sure he's on the pitch."

Moran also feels Shane O'Neill's team would be better served playing Galway's natural game rather than emulating some of the opposition's approach.

"I just think that Galway, it took them maybe 20 minutes to adjust to the game," he said.

"Going forward, a part of me thinks that Galway tried to ape Limerick a little bit in that they tried to play them at their own game.

"I think that's foolhardy for any team that want to challenge Limerick who are strong contenders for the All-Ireland. 

"I think Galway's natural game might be a little bit different to that. You're asking about Shane O'Neill but I think there is a bedding in period where they have to find a game that suits them best.

"In the first half [on Sunday], they didn't really know what they were doing. They were coming betwixt and between."