London manager Ciaran Deely has called for the introduction of a two-tier Championship.

He watched his side give Galway a fright yesterday at Ruislip, before eventually falling to a four point defeat.

It was the closest the Exiles have ever gotten to the Tribesmen in the Connacht Championship. But Deely told RTÉ Sport afterwards that the best option for the so-called weaker counties is to compete in a competition that they have a chance of winning.

"I'm a huge supporter of a tier-two Championship," said Deely. "We want to be pitting ourselves against teams that are in Division 3 and Division 4 on a continual basis. We want more games.

"I think it's the only way that teams, like ourselves in Division 4, can develop and keep improving. We'd love to be in a competition that we've a real chance of winning."

It follows on from former Roscommon manager Kevin McStay calling for an end to the provincial championships in their current form.

For Deely, who played his football with Wexford, there's a five week gap before the first-round of the qualifiers. Killian Butler's first-half goal brought them back into the game yesterday, after a slow start at Ruislip.

Galway showed their experience as they moved clear in the third quarter of the game. But had Butler, who is a born and bred Londoner, converted a late goal chance, the headlines might have been very different.

"I'm very proud of how they played, of how they performed," said Deely. "You have to remember that this is against a top Galway team who are likely All-Ireland contenders.

"We kept with them all through the first-half, going in at half-time we were in with a right shout. Really the winning of the game was probably those few minutes after half-time where they pushed ahead.

"We had chances right up until the end there, and had a really good goal chance. That was testament to the character of our lads to come back like that.

"Credit to the lads that they produced those goal chances. I suppose for London now it's the next step, isn't it? To convert those chances, and then to get over the line of these matches and get a few Championship wins."