It is expected that Dublin will again have two games at Croke Park if, as expected, they reach next summer's 'Super 8s' All-Ireland quarter-final phase, according to a report in The Irish Independent.

There was some unhappiness in this year's championship that the Dubs played two of their three games at the new look quarter-final stage at GAA HQ. 

However, it would seem that the Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) are keen to preserve the status quo as Croke Park has been considered a neutral venue for All-Ireland quarter-finals, including games involving Dublin since the introduction of the qualifiers.

A document on the matter circulated to the counties on Wednesday from the CCCC stated: "Since the introduction of the qualifiers in 2001, Croke Park has been considered a neutral venue for quarter-finals. Fixtures there have been generally welcomed by players above games in any other venue."

It notes that deciding on Croke Park's status as a neutral venue is a matter for Congress. That said, the issue will be discussed by Central Council on Saturday, 24 November - the same day that proposed rule changes in football will also be debated.

The Irish Independent also reported that the CCCC have also briefed counties on changes to the hurling league structure from 2020 and how a Tier 2 football championship might work.

The hurling proposal is for the 12 teams in Division 1 to be separated into two groups of six, three each from 1A and 1B.

Two proposals are on the Tier 2 football agenda. One features all 16 Division 3 and 4 teams being excluded from the qualifiers in favour of the Tier 2 competition, while the other allows them to compete in both.