The GAA seems set to alter another of their proposed Gaelic football rules, dropping the change that would make two yellow cards a sin-bin offence rather than a red.

Last month, the Standing Committee on the Playing Rules (SCPR) issued five proposed experimental rule changes, including changes to kick-outs, handpassing limits, and the introduction of a sin-bin, which will be trialled in 2019.

The kick-out rule was amended last week following trials in school and college games and now it appears that there has also been a rethink on the sin-bin.

The initial idea had been to introduce a sin-bin penalty for two yellow cards or a black card.

However, the Irish Independent reports that this effective downgrading of the punishment for two yellows raised concerns that fouling would be encouraged.

The result is that a black card will now mean 10 minutes off the pitch for the offending player, rather than the previous punishment of substitution for the remainder of the game.

A second black card or black followed by yellow will remain a red-card offence.

Central Council will decide on 24 November how many of the rules will be trialled in the pre-season competitions, some of which begin in December, and next year's Allianz Football League.