The GAA are reportedly rethinking the proposed changes to the football kick-out, relaxing the restriction on the number of players allowed between the 45-metre lines.

Last month, the Standing Committee on the Playing Rules (SCPR) issued five proposed experimental rule changes, including radical changes to kick-outs and handpassing.

The proposed new rule stated that a kickout would have travel beyond the kicking team's 45-metre line and that only two players from each side could be between the 45s to contest it.

However, The Irish Sun reports today that a trial of the new rule during college games has led to the conclusion that policing the zones was impractical and that there should be no limit on the number of players between the lines.

All kick-outs will now be taken from the 20-metre line and must simply reach the 45, preserving the original aim of eliminating short kick-outs and encourage high-fielding of the ball while recognising concern that windy conditions could have hampered kicks from 13 metres.

Central Council will decide on 24 November how many of the rules, which also include a sin bin, handpass limit and offensive mark, will be trialled in the pre-season competitions and next year's Allianz Football League.