Clare football manager Colm Collins has called on the GAA to abandon what he believes are tired provincial championships and move to a more exciting format based on an open draw.

Speaking even before the draw set his side on a Munster SFC semi-final collision course with Kerry for the fourth successive season, the Cratloe man said it was dull watching the same teams square off every year.

"We badly need to shake the whole thing up," he told RTÉ Sport. "I wish someone would grasp the nettle and just say 'Here, 32 teams, let’s go.'

"Imagine the excitement if you could have Dublin and Kerry, or Dublin and Tyrone in the same group, besides churning out the same old pairings.

"The sky is not going to fall in if we get rid of the provincials.

"I think the provincial councils are a really good way of administering the money and that kind of thing and could be left in position for that.

"I think it would give it a massive lift. I think we have a really good product but we shouldn’t rest on our laurels and we should constantly be trying to think of ways to freshen it up and make it better.

"I think it’s a no-brainer, it has to happen. But it looks like it’s going to be a slow, slow process. I’m not holding my breath."

Collins believes that losing to the same provincial heavyweights year upon year makes teams less likely to take a scalp than in a less restricted system.

Collins' Clare are in Division 2 of the Allianz Football league but last contested a Munster final in 2012.

"After going on for such a long time you find it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy but you find that teams that don’t face these teams every day come along and do much better against them.

"They’re carrying no baggage."

There have been some suggestions the Super 8s quarter-final stage had been introduced by the GAA as a gradual step towards a wider group/knockout format.

But Collins insists a group stage is needed at the beginning rather than the end of the Championships.

"I would have been against the Super 8s," he said. "I think having a round-robin at the final stages of a Championship is a ridiculous notion.

"(It ruined) any bit of romance in the Championship. If somebody came out and beat one of the big guns, it was highly unlikely that they’d get beaten again. They would regroup and it was giving them a second chance.

"At least it was some change but I don’t it was anything meaningful.

"If it’s the first step then good, but the nettle that has to be grasped is getting rid of the provincial championships.

"Everything else is just moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic.

"If you did grasp it, you could have such excitement here tonight, you could be pulling anybody out of the hat."