Colm Cooper said the "scurrilous remarks" made about Eamonn Fitzmaurice in some quarters have no part in Gaelic games.

Fitzmaurice stepped down as manager in the wake of the Kingdom's failure to progress from the Super 8s to the All-Ireland SFC semi-finals, despite a 12-point win against Kildare on Saturday night.

The Finuge man brought Sam Maguire back to the county in 2014 but his six-year reign ended on a sour note as he suggested strong criticism from supporters had taken a toll.

"I did feel over the last few weeks that the fact I have been there for six years, maybe I was a bit of a lightning rod for criticism and I was drawing criticism into the group," said Fitzmaurice.

"I didn’t like the fact that some of our younger players were going around the county and there was a negative atmosphere. I’m hoping there will be a more relaxing atmosphere with a new man in charge.

"I didn’t like that a few players got a few anonymous letters."

Copper condemned that abuse, and said Fitzmaurice walks away with his head held high.

"There was a cloud over Killarney, it was a very strange atmosphere," he said.

"Kerry eventually got the job done... but I think the damage was done a couple of weeks ago.

"The team didn't perform against Galway, didn't perform against Monaghan in Clones, and were lucky to be even playing for something on Saturday night, so I think it's been a tough year for Eamonn Fitzmaurice.

"He was on the back foot form the outset.

"Maybe he wasn't universally approved by everyone but there were some scurrilous remarks that nobody deserves. That's not part of the GAA. 

"That's not in the GAA scheme of things. That's not right.

"You can agree or disagree with his training methods or his team selections but that's going too far. He's given six years to Kerry, he was an outstanding servant as a player, and that's the disappointing thing for me.

"It's not the fact that Kerry went out on Saturday night, because they just weren't good enough to qualify; it's that twist and how he left. It didn't go down well."