Roscommon are confident Dr Hyde Park will be ready for Sunday week's Connacht final showdown with Galway.

The Connacht Council had laid down a list of conditions that the Roscommon town venue would have to satisfy to host the 17 June game (live on RTÉ), including: 

  • Confining the capacity to 18,870
  • No tickets being available for sale on the day
  • Roscommon covering the cost of a temporary scanning system 
  • CCTV being put in place

Ahead of a planned pre-game meeting with the Council tonight, Roscommon secretary Brian Carroll told RTÉ Sport: "It’s all under control. We have everything in place. We’re very happy that the work is progressing.

"There’s work going on to put in the scanning systems, wires have been laid.

"Connacht Council will bring the CCTV with them. There’s painting and other work going on as well."

Carroll said that Roscommon had opted to install permanent rather than temporary scanning systems, which are considered important from the health and safety standpoint of knowing the number of patrons present, as well as easing the congestion sometimes seen at cash turnstiles.

"They are expensive enough to put in but once they’re in, whatever work we do going forward on the Hyde," said Carroll. "They can be moved around within the stadium.

"At a quarter to four on the day of the match, the Gardai and event controller will be able to say how many we have in the stadium at that moment in time."

Carroll said tickets were already going fast for the June encounter, which is expected to be a close to capacity crowd. 18,287 attended the Connacht final between the same sides at Pearse Stadium last July.

"They went on sale in the office here in Roscommon at 10am and we have been busy all day," said Carroll. "Our stand allocation is sold out."