New York will eventually get their first taste of Championship victory, but more games would be an obvious solution to improve their standing in the game, according to Shane Hogan.

The New York born-and-bred player found the net in the opening five minutes of their Connacht clash with Leitrim at the weekend, but despite a bright start and taking a lead in extra-time at Gaelic Park, Justin O’Halloran’s side came out the wrong side of a one-point game.

In their 20th year of trying, it was the closest the Exiles have ever come to an upset.  

"It’s heartbreaking. To give your all and just fall so’s not even something I can sum up. It’s cruel," he told RTÉ Sport. 

"I’m proud of what we did and accomplished as a team. All we can do is look forward to next year." 

"One day it will happen for us"

"I’m as hopeful as anyone can be. It’s just one of those you have to look forward to. You’ve got to be positive, keep the head, and keep doing the work. One day it will happen for us."

How they develop as a team is a challenge that is unique to New York. Their annual turnover of players is greater than London, but unlike the Ruislip-based team, they are not part of the Allianz League, and crucially, have no route into the qualifiers.

That lack of game management play is a huge disadvantage as they seek to make history.

Since New York regathered last November, their only match was a challenge game against a visiting Corofin side two weeks ago. Other than that, internal training games have led the way for Championship preparations. 

"Maybe if we had a few games, we would have known differently what to do. It would certainly only help. It would be something that we would be great for New York if we could get those extra games.

"Now we have played one game, that’s it, there is nothing left for us."