The Club Players Association has asked its members whether it should "escalate the situation" in pursuit of Gaelic games fixture reform.

Since its establishment last year, the CPA has advocated for the restructuring of the GAA calendar in favour of the clubs, who typically only play games in the summer months when their counties are no longer in Championship action.

A CPA-supported motion for February's Congress, which proposed that all Congress votes be publically recorded, was heavily voted down on an 83-17 margin.

They have now returned the focus to the fixture debate, hinting at more drastic action if there is no satisfactory improvement for their members.

Starting this year, the GAA has set aside April as a month free of inter-county fixtures - save the weather-postponed Allianz Hurling League final between Kilkenny and Tipperary.

The aim was that inter-county players would be available to their clubs during this time but as then director general Paraic Duffy admitted last October: "We can't enforce that. The real issue is, will managers let county players play? And that's something that every county has to work out for themselves."

The latest CPA survey asks its members whether April has "been successfully set aside for club activity in your county" and if it is "time to escalate the situation and go a different route?"

Survey questions

  • Are you happy with the organisation of club fixtures in your county?
  • Has the entire month of April been successfully set aside for club activity in your county?
  • Have you received a master fixture plan with specified dates of all games for the remainder of 2018?
  • Would you like to see designated periods for club, inter-county college so that there is no overlap?
  • The CPA has tested the systems of GAA democracy over the last 18 months, culminating with our transparency motion at Congress. Are you satisfied with the continuation of this process, or is it time to escalate the situation and go a different route?

The CPA asked a similar question in a survey of members in August 2017.

In response to the query: "Do you believe the CPA should escalate its response to demonstrate to the GAA that the club player is dissatisfied with their response to the unfairness of the system to the plight of the Club Player?" 95% of over 3,218 respondents said yes.