Waterford football manager Tom McGlinchey says the county is "angry and disappointed" that their request to get their final Allianz League game played has fallen on deaf ears.  

It was confirmed that all outstanding League fixtures that were postponed due to bad weather will not be refixed.

Three Division 4 fixtures, including Waterford v Leitrim, Wicklow v Limerick and Laois v Antrim, have been declared "null and void" after the GAA said an agreement could not be reached due to scheduled club fixtures (in one or both counties) in each case.

Waterford however feel the counties have been involved, especially given that they proposed a solution to the problem.

"We’re angry with the GAA because there’s a National League fixture that isn’t going to be played," he told RTÉ Sport.

"Ourselves and Leitrim came to an agreement to play a match in Abbotstown on 25 April that would not interfere with the club fixtures, but our request has fallen on deaf ears and we’re very disappointed with that.

"We said we would bring Leitrim half way’s down, concede home advantage, play the match, and that would ensure that the National League would not have null and void fixtures.  Billy Lee in Limerick and John Evans in Wicklow have agreed the same.

"The GAA should now look at a solution here and try and get these games played."