The Gaelic Players Association is calling on delegates at 2016 Congress to oppose motions proposing the introduction of a Tier 2 Senior Football Championship.

GPA secretary Paul Flynn said: “We have spent over a year discussing new structures and changes with our football members and there remains serious opposition to the introduction of a second tier in the football championship.

“The squads directly affected if change is introduced have also voted recently not to participate in the new format.

“We would urge Congress delegates to back the players here and oppose the motions advocating a second tier in the senior football championship.”

After Congress, the GPA have said they will formally present their ideas in relation to setting up of a working group to develop a new football championship format.

The GPA say that the wider football community consider this “to be imperative in relation to tackling the on-going issue of the football season at both club and county level.”

The GPA went on to say that they support the proposed switch of the Under-21 football grade to Under-20 and that “such a move would provide an excellent first step in tackling the problems which are manifest for players between the ages of 18 and 21.”

However, they will oppose the motion relating to the GAA’s Broadcast Rights and restricting inter-county championship games to free-to-air TV.

In relation to this motion being tabled from Dublin and Kerry, GPA Chairman Seamus Hickey stated: “Any such move would be seen by the inter-county playing body as wholly regressive as it would deny the GAA the ability to negotiate the very best possible deal on behalf of the Association.

“From a players perspective the commercial reality of this situation is that increased funding means greater support for player welfare not to mention the wider benefits to the GAA in terms of coaching, games promotion, infrastructure and facilities.

“It should also be noted that not every ‘free-to-air’ channel is available to GAA members in the six counties.”