The Galway senior hurling panel last night voted against keeping Anthony Cunningham on as manager through 2016, with the majority saying the won’t line out if he remains in charge.

There had been a mediation process taking place between the players, management and county board in recent weeks. However, these talks ended without any progress, leading to last night’s vote.

RTÉ Sport understands that at last night’s meeting the players were asked two questions. The first was ‘Have you confidence in the current management?’ with 26 voting no and six voting yes. And in answer to whether or not they would hurl for the current management team, the panel voted 23-9 against.

The vote was done by secret ballot and was overseen by an independent observer.

Tonight, however, the County Board meet when the clubs will have their say on the matter.

The clubs re-appointed Cunningham shortly after the All-Ireland final loss to Kilkenny in September, but they will now be asked to re-visit that process. 

Cunningham has been in charge since 2012, but members of the squad informed the board in early October that they had lost confidence in his management.