Former Galway manager Cyril Farrell has said the ongoing situation over the county's senior hurling management is a sad state of affairs.

Manager Anthony Cunningham was re-appointed for another term in the wake of Galway's All-Ireland final defeat to Kilkenny, but his future has been thrown into doubt after players passed a vote of no confidence in his tenure.

There are reports that following a meeting with the county board last night, Cunningham will fight to retain his position.

Farrell, who managed the Tribesmen to three All-Ireland titles, feels that the players may have felt they needed a change of leadership to secure the Liam MacCarthy title.

Speaking to RTÉ Sport, he said: "It's sad to see this happening. The boys were very near winning an All-Ireland title and have been very close and they just feel they need an extra push."

He also said that he felt the heave may have been led by the more experienced members of the squad.

"It seems to be led by the older players. A lot of younger guys were playing in their first All-Ireland [this year], they wouldn't be involved in this.

"Okay, they want to win as well, but the older guys are the leaders of the pack.

"I suppose they think they're doing it for the right reasons but you'd have to question them. In my time you swam together or you sank together and we lost more than we ever won.

"It's sad that it has gone this far and you just wonder where it's going to lead to."

"It's sad that it has gone this far and you just wonder where it's going to lead to"

While many people have drawn parallels with the situation in neighbouring Mayo, where joint football managers Pat Holmes and Noel Connelly resigned in the wake of a no confidence vote, Farrell said a similar outcome may not happen in Galway.

"In Mayo the boys just resigned straight away, but that may not happen here as he [Cunningham] was only re-appointed for another year.

"You have good hurling people with him so they will feel 'hold on a minute now, there's two sides to this story', that maybe the players should look at their contribution to the defeat."

Farrell said the players should reflect on their own performances.

"I know they're putting their lives into it, but they have to look in the mirror as well."

He added that if Cunningham is removed, it will raise questions about the infrastructure of the GAA and the appointment of managers.

"If this falls down, well, who selects the managers and, maybe, who selects the team? It's a bigger issue really and hopefully it’s resolved soon," he said.