While welcoming debate on the current state of Gaelic football, GAA President Aogan Ó Fearghail feels that some of the comment "is over the top".

Ó Fearghail was speaking at the launch of RTÉ’s 2015 GAA Championship coverage and responded to criticisms from some pundits about the state of the game.

“I think it’s unfortunate that people make those comments particularly when its volunteer players we're talking about it,” said Ó Fearghail.

"People have opinions, but nobody is a complete expert on any subject. Anybody who thinks they are, well that’s a little bit arrogant to say the least.

“Good defending is an art and we see it in our game at present" - Aogan O'Fearghail

"No player that I ever met went out to play badly. No player that I ever met went out to lose.They certainly go out to win and play as best as they can. It's right for informed comment to say 'that wasn't a good game'. 

"When it moves a little bit further and ends up as a personal attack on a player, for example, then that is not acceptable.That is over the top." 

The Cavan native went on to say that Gaelic football is evolving and that good defending is just as good to watch as attacking play.

“Good defending is an art and we see it in our game at present. We have counties where the defensive structures they deploy are very tight. That can be intriguing and fascinating.

"The game is evolving all the time and I think it’s for the better. There are still bad games, but we've had bad games before - low scoring games.The players of today are skillful, are physically in good shape and display a high level of accuracy."

Looking ahead to the summer action, the GAA President referenced the hopes and expectations of supporters who hope that this will be their year.

"We always dream and we always look forward. We probably have an inner reality knowing that it may not happen for our county, but that just adds to the overall excitement.

"People are still coming to the games. It's not just a byword we use that ‘nothing beats being there'. People that go to championship matches know that nothing compares to it."