Glen have withdrawn from the appeals process against the result of the All-Ireland Senior Football Club final, saying that they do not believe the conditions exist for a replay.

RTÉ Sport confirmed the news tonight after correspondence with Glen club officials.

Controversy had raged since the original decider on Sunday 22 January, when the Dublin champions defended the final play of the game with 16 active players.

Leading 1-11 to 1-09, Crokes made two late substitutions as Glen's Danny Tallon stood over a last-gasp '45' but only one of the replaced players departed towards the sideline.

The GAA ordered that the game be replayed following an objection from Glen with regards to the outcome of the game, but Crokes lodged an appeal against that ruling with a hearing planned to take place within the next few days.

That hearing will no longer be necessary after the Derry club confirmed that they no longer wish to continue in the appeal process.

A statement to RTÉ Sport read: "Watty Graham's GAC, Glen lodged an objection to the result of the All-Ireland club final because we believed that grounds existed for a replay to be held if Rule 6.44 had been broken.

"However, the club does not now believe that the opportunity is there for a replay to go ahead.

"Due to the ongoing proceedings we as a club now do not believe the conditions exist for a replay to be contested.

"Consequently, Watty Graham’s, Glen would like to withdraw from this process," the statement continued.

"The club added that the sense of pride and respect they have for their team and management would endure.

"They have treated us to countless moments of joy, which until recently, we didn’t even know were possible.

"Watty Graham’s GAC would like to thank our members for all the support they have given to our players, management and committee.

"The club would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the messages of help and support we have received from throughout the country.

"We will go again. Onwards and upwards. An Gleann Abu!"