The GAA's Central Competitions Control Committee has ordered a replay of the All-Ireland senior club football final between Kilmacud Crokes and Glen after a hearing last night.

Controversy had raged since the original decider on Sunday 22 January, when the Dublin champions defended the final play of the game with 16 active players.

This afternoon the GAA released a statement, confirming the decision.

"Following meetings of CCCC last night and this morning, the objection of CLG Gleann Machaire Ratha as per Riail 7.10 (n) T.O. has been upheld as it is proven that CLG Cill Mochuda na Crócaigh exceeded the number of players permitted under Riail 2.1 Rules of Specification, Playing Rules (Treoir Oifigiúil Cuid II).

"In accordance with Riail 6.44 (b) (i) T.O. Cuid I, the penalty imposed by An Coiste is "Replay of Game".

"A three-day window, from the time of notification, exists to request an Appeal."

Leading 1-11 to 1-09, Crokes made two late substitutions as Glen's Danny Tallon stood over a last-gasp 45 but only one of the replaced players departed towards the sideline.

The Derry champions took the 45 short, the play ending with Ryan Dougan almost deflecting a low shot inside the near post.

It was only then that Kilmacud's officially substituted player Dara Mullin made his way off the pitch, with the final whistle blown immediately upon the ensuing kickout.

Kilmacud Crokes lifted the Andy Merrigan Cup afterwards, celebrating their third All-Ireland title, however almost immediately the post-match discussion revolved around the rules breach on the final play.

Under rule 6.44, penalties for having more than 15 players on the pitch include the awarding of the game to the opposing team, for the game to be replayed, or a fine.

While Glen manager Malachy O'Rourke initially indicated that the club would likely accept the result, sentiment quickly shifted over the course of the week.

The rule states that a review of potential infractions of this rule can be instigated by appeal or an "inquiry by the committee in charge" but Glen said in a statement on Monday evening that the GAA had told them a review would only happen if they made an official objection.

The club did so last Tuesday night before the GAA imposed deadline of Wednesday afternoon.

Reports subsequently emerged that the Dublin champions were in no mood to accept a replay of the fixture and on Friday night it was confirmed that they had submitted a counter-objection to the CCCC.

A hearing was then called. The CCCC held that hearing last night at Croke Park, which members of both clubs attended.

After the hearing and a further meeting this morning, the CCCC deliberated and decided to uphold Glen's objection.

It remains to be seen whether Kilmacud Crokes will contest the decision before the Central Hearing Committee. They have three days to do so.

If that decision is upheld or overturned, either club could then take a final appeal to the Disputes Resolution Authority.

It is understood Crokes are opposed to a replay, with some of their players believed to have already left the country on holiday.