Mayo will have the chance to avenge their All-Ireland semi-final defeat to Kerry when the counties square off in the opening weekend of the 2015 Allianz Football League, following the announcement of a provisional fixture list today.

Division 1 holders Dublin start against a Cork side they defeated in this year's league semi-final while runners-up Derry visit All-Ireland finalists Donegal.

Saturday 31 January: Donegal v Derry; Tyrone v Monaghan.
Sunday 1 February: Cork v Dublin; Kerry v Mayo.
Saturday 7 February: Dublin v Donegal.
Sunday 8 February: Derry v Kerry; Mayo v Tyrone; Monaghan v Cork
Saturday 28 February: Kerry v Dublin; Tyrone v Derry.
Sunday 1 March: Donegal v Cork; Mayo v Monaghan.
Saturday 7 March: Donegal v Monaghan; Dublin v Tyrone.
Sunday 8 March: Cork v Kerry; Derry v Mayo.
Saturday 14 March: Mayo v Dublin.
Sunday 15 March: Kerry v Donegal; Monaghan v Derry; Tyrone v Cork.
Saturday 28 March: Donegal v Tyrone; Dublin v Derry.
Sunday 29 March: Cork v Mayo; Kerry v Monaghan.
Sunday 5 April: Derry v Cork; Mayo v Donegal; Monaghan v Dublin; Tyrone v Kerry.

Sunday 1 February: Galway v Meath; Kildare v Down; Roscommon v Cavan; Westmeath v Laois.
Saturday 7 February: Down v Roscommon; Laois v Cavan; Meath v Kildare.
Sunday 8 February: Westmeath v Galway.
Saturday 28 February: Cavan v Down.
Sunday 1 March: Galway v Laois; Kildare v Westmeath; Roscommon v Meath.
Saturday 7 March: Cavan v Kildare; Meath v Westmeath.
Sunday 8 March: Down v Galway; Laois v Roscommon.
Saturday 14 March: Meath v Laois.
Sunday 15 March:  Galway v Cavan; Kildare v Roscommon; Westmeath v Down.
Saturday 28 March: Cavan v Westmeath; Down v Meath; Laois v Kildare.
Sunday 29 March: Roscommon v Galway.
Sunday 5 April: Down v Laois; Galway v Kildare; Meath v Cavan; Westmeath v Roscommon.

Saturday 31 January:
 Armagh v Tipperary; Fermanagh v Louth.
Sunday 1 February: Clare v Wexford; Limerick v Sligo.
Saturday 7 February: Tipperary v Limerick
Sunday 8 February: Louth v Clare; Sligo v Fermanagh; Wexford v Armagh.
Sunday 1 March: Clare v Sligo; Fermanagh v Tipperary; Limerick v Armagh; Louth v Wexford.
Saturday 7 March: Armagh v Fermanagh; Tipperary v Clare.
Sunday 8 March: Sligo v Louth; Wexford v Limerick.
Sunday 15 March: Clare v Armagh; Fermanagh v Limerick; Louth v Tipperary; Sligo v Wexford.
Saturday 28 March: Armagh v Louth; Limerick v Clare.
Sunday 29 March: Tipperary v Sligo; Wexford v Fermanagh.
Sunday 5 April: Clare v Fermanagh; Louth v Limerick; Sligo v Armagh; Tipperary v Wexford.

Saturday 31 January:
 Waterford v Wicklow.
Sunday 1 February: London v Offaly; Leitrim v Longford; Antrim v Carlow.
Sunday 8 February: Longford v Antrim; Offaly v Waterford; Carlow v London; Wicklow v Leitrim.
Saturday 28 February: Waterford v Carlow
Sunday 1 March: London v Longford; Wicklow v Offaly; Leitrim v Antrim.
Sunday 8 March: Longford v Waterford; Carlow v Wicklow; Offaly v Leitrim; Antrim v London.
Sunday 15 March: Offaly v Carlow; Leitrim v London; Waterford v Antrim; Wicklow v Longford.
Sunday 29 March: London v Waterford; Carlow v Leitrim; Antrim v Wicklow; Longford v Offaly.
Sunday 5 April: Leitrim v Waterford; Offaly v Antrim; Wicklow v London; Carlow v Longford.