The IABA have said they will take a zero tolerance to bullying and intimidation after admitting "unacceptable behaviours by some members of the boxing family" towards their staff in the past.

The IABA's board of directors and Central Council are jointly highlighting that such behaviour "has no place in Irish boxing and that it dishonours the sport".

A statement issued this morning read: "The board and Central Council are aware of unacceptable behaviours by some members of the boxing family towards staff of the Irish Athletic Boxing Association.

"This is deeply concerning from a staff wellbeing perspective, given that the IABA’s committed staff team work daily to serve the needs of our members and our sport.

"Neither the board of directors or the Central Council will accept any such behaviour from any member towards staff and will take appropriate and proportionate action in the event of such behaviour.

"The board and Central Council add that, furthermore, Irish Boxing will not permit these behaviours towards bout officials, officers and competition administrators.

"These members are giving of their own time to our sport and ensure that competitive boxing takes place in every county and province in Ireland, as well as at national level. They should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times."

The IABA adopted a complaints and disciplinary procedure in 2019, including structures at county, provincial and national level.

This includes the appointment of disciplinary and complaints officers by all boards and unit, a mechanism is available to any member who feels they are being subjected to inappropriate behaviour.

Sport Ireland recently cut funding for the IABA after they failed to implement reform requests.