Katie Taylor has played down Andy Lee's insight into her preparations and approach for the rematch with Delfine Persoon this Saturday, as she promises to use a different approach to win the fight.

Lee told RTÉ 2fm's Game On programme that he has concerns Taylor will engage in another war with the Belgian.

He said: "Katie's biggest flaw since turning pro is, she still has an amateur style of throwing four fast punches - which is great - but when she finishes punching she pulls out high, with her head in a high position.

"It gives opponents an opportunity, especially someone like Persoon, who'll tuck up behind a high guard, Katie will throw her fast punches, and when Katie pulls out Persoon will come marauding forward with four or five big long shots herself.

"What happened in the first fight was, Katie was getting caught on the end of those punches because she was pulling out high. What I'd like to see her do now is get her shots off - maybe not as many as four, maybe two or three - and then rolling out and exiting the trade low.

"I had the pleasure of working with Katie over Christmas. It's something that we worked on, something she agreed that would be effective if she was to fight Persoon again. Hopefully it's something she's continued doing in training."

Taylor, when asked about Lee’s advice, says she doesn’t recall the guidance from the Limerick man, but is firmly focused on being more tactical.

"I think I’m going to be a completely different fighter.

"I think people are going to see a completely different performance and a completely different fight from my perspective.

"I got drawn into a bit of a fight in the first one and sometimes that happens. I’m definitely going to be a bit more disciplined in this fight. I’m going to be ready for whatever Persoon throws at me.

"I’m honestly a very composed person and I don’t take much notice of what people are saying for the most part.

"Regardless of what Delfine says or what anyone else says, I am sitting here as the undisputed champion and nobody can take that away from me. I’m always the quiet one in the lead-up to these fights and I don’t feel the need to bite back or shout back. I’ll do my talking in the ring."

Taylor was also uninterested in saying just what she wants to improve on, clearly not wanting to give her opponent any hints of what is to come, and is instead targeting a display to outrank anything else done in the paid ranks.

"I’m not going to talk too much about my mistakes.

"But I definitely need to box smarter on Saturday night and I’m looking forward to producing a career-best performance."

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