Irish boxing's new High Performance Director Bernard Dunne is determined that under his guidance only the best will do in terms of preparing an emerging squad for international competitions.

Dunne's appointment to his new role was confirmed on Thursday. He will work alongside a high performance coaching team led by Zaur Antia with a view to achieving the target of ensuring Ireland is within the top-three countries in terms of the numbers of boxers competing at Tokyo 2020.

In the short term, there are the upcoming European and World Championships.

After the disappointment of the Rio Olympics, Dunne is looking forward to working with an emerging crop of boxers.

"It's a dream job for me, to be part of a team that leads our elite performers. I'm excited about immersing myself in this environment," he told RTÉ Sport.

"We want our athletes to have access to the best because it's only right that you want to be the best"

"My main role is to facilitate Zaur and his team. We have a fantastic squad who are all ambitious. I look forward to being around them.

"After each Olympic Games, there is a transitional phase. Boxers will turn professional, some will do something completely different.

We qualified eight boxers for the Rio Games - the most we've ever qualified which is great testament to Zaur and the team.

"There are exciting times ahead.

"I'm now part of a High Performance unit that aims to be the best."

Developing that latter point, the former WBA Super Bantamweight champion added: "We must make sure that we have the right environment, the right values and culture in place that allows our athletes to really flourish and grow technically as boxers, and as people.

"If you develop the person, you have a much better athlete.

"We want our athletes to have access to the best because it's only right that you want to be the best.

"We want medals. The aspiration is to send a full squad to the World Championships in Germany."