Olympic silver medallist John Joe Nevin has been told by doctors in hospital that he has suffered two broken legs following a vicious assault at Ardleigh Crecent in Mullingar on Saturday.

It was widely reported that the boxer's right leg was broken in two places in the assault.

However, Nevin told the Westmeath Topic today that his left leg is also broken.

A scan was carried out on Tuesday afternoon on his lower left leg, which had been causing him pain and discomfort since the attack, which revealed a fractured just above the ankle and was cast immediately.

Nevin's right leg, broken in two places, will be cast later tonight when the swelling dies down. Nevin will be confined to a wheelchair for several weeks his manager, Tom Moran of Greenblood Boxing, has confirmed.

The serious injuries are a huge blow to the boxer, who began his professional career with a convincing win over Alberto Candelaria in Boston on St Patrick's Day.

Nevin also told the Topic, which is released tomorrow morning, that he attempted to stand following the assault on Saturday morning, "but my leg just went".

He initially thought that the left leg was just bruised, but his worst fears that it was broken were confirmed by doctors at Tullamore Regional Hospital.

"I'm shocked, but this won't stop me getting back in the ring," he said.

He vowed to return to professional action later this year.

Nevin's manager Moran also remains hopeful, and said Greenblood are still 100% behind the boxer and still have big plans for him in America.

"I'm shocked, but this won't stop me getting back in the ring"

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," he said, adding that he wants Nevin to travel to Philadelphia as soon as he can to began rehab. It may be July before that trip can be made.

Moran said "he has been through this before" telling Ronan Casey in the paper that he is prepared to put in the extra work to get Nevin back into the ring.

Over the course of a long career managing prize fighters, one of his world champions, former Ugandan child soldier Kassim Ouma, was shot twice in a Palm Beach domestic dispute, but returned to the ring the following year.

He also managed Tim Witherspoon "who lost the lot" when he returned to Philadelphia after an illustrious career.

"We have big plans for John Joe, and despite this being a huge setback, one positive to bring from it is that he will be trying to strengthen both legs at the same time when he begins rehab," said Moran.

Nevin, who told local papers he believed the attack to have been motivated by jealousy, was consulting with his legal team about making his next move. He declined to comment if he was going to press charges.

Two men were arrested for the attack, one at the scene in Ardleigh Crescent on Saturday and another on Sunday. They were released without charge but a file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.