By Ed Leahy

2320 So a great night of boxing comes to a close as the Elite finals lived up to their expectations at the National Stadium with the fight of the night going to Joe Ward, who defeated Olympic silver medallist Kenny Egan. The Ireland team will now surely be very confident, going into the final Olympic qualifier, of securing another couple of places at the London Games this summer. Three Irish boxers are already through to the Olympics, surely Joe Ward and another one or two will be joining them in London's east end come July.

Good night.

2315 In the final bout of the night, Con Sheehan beat Sean Turner in the super-heavyweight final. Sorry for the lack of updates for the last three fights.

2300 Tommy McCarthy records the only knockout of the night, stopping Christy Joyce in the heavyweight final.

2245 Ross Hickey has landed the title, beating Stephen Coughlan in the 64kg division.

2226 Nolan reckons that Joyce brought it level as the fight neared the finish but landed two good shots to take it. Big shout out to all the family back in Wexford from Nolan. Very strong division, the welterweights, and Bernard Dunne believes that Nolan was the boxer of the tournament to get through this difficult division.

2224 Replays coming through showing Joyce land a couple but looks like Nolan just edged it according to reactions from the corners. Winner 17-15 to Nolan. Great fight and Joyce looks disappointed but appeared to lose it in first round and was chasing from there.

2222 Joyce will be buzzing going into the last round and again attacks from the start. Nolan getting involved in a scrap now but holding his own. Joyce looks to be getting the upper hand but has he done enough. Nolan looking to be tired and the ref has a word with him. Great finish to this bout as Joyce keeps attacking. New scoring rules mean that boxers cannot hide for final round it they are just up. Bell goes. Whos wins??

2220 Round Two and Joyce looks to set the tempo but Nolan's reach is a big advantage. Love Joyce's style though - always coming forward but Nolan showing some great moments as he throws some combinations. Nolan's long jab is working well. Nolan does look a little unsteady after throwing the big punches but has got away with it so far as Triple J hasn't capitalised. Nice punch appeared to score for Joyce just on the bell. Scores in and Joyce won the round. Score now 12-10 to Nolan going into the final round. Should be a belter.

2215 Nolan happy to trade punches with Joyce, which has Mick Dowling a bit worried saying that he should be trying to box a bit more instead of looking for a fight. Nolan using his reach well but Joyce looking to score to the body. Joyce score with a decent right to the head but Nolan takes the round 7-4. Nolan being told not to let Joyce back him up.

2210 Welterweight final about to take place - Bray's Adam Nolan taking on Olympian John Joe Joyce from Athy. Katie Taylor's coach and father in Nolan's corner. Nolan the champion here but is Joyce the favourite?? Should be a great fight. Nolan, the taller of the two, in the red corner.

2202 The vedict is in and McDonagh wins the 60kg title 17-14. McDonagh very confident about his prospects of getting to the Olympics. He believes that he is a lot stronger this year. Bernard Dunne in the studio is also impressed with McDonagh's style, a great counter puncher. Dunne believes he has a great chance of getting to the Games. A semi-final place with in the qualifiers will see him gain an Olympic berth.

2157 Round three - McDonagh goes into the final round leading 11-7. His corner is just telling him to match Joyce. But Joyce eventually getting McDonagh to stand toe to toe and that will suit Joyce. A stoppage here as McDonagh is cut but the referee allows it to continue. Big push by Joyce to score but McDonagh stopped to tie lace. McDonnagh happy to finish with a bit of a scrap knowing that he is still ahead and should have another title in the bag. Unlucky for Joyce who was so active from the start. Joyce finishes with a flourish and may have scored a few late points. Too little too late??

2154 Joyce again trying to take the fight to McDonagh but he is proving elusive as he is continuously on the move. Still picking clean shots and appears to be at least matching Joyce in this round. Very tight guard from McDonagh. You have to appreciate Joyce's aggressive attitude.

2152 Joyce is looking for his fifth national title and looks the livlier against his taller opponent. McDonagh from Tallaght won the fight last year and starts well by winning the first round picking clean shots to lead 4-2.

2150 The Joe Show is over but the boxing continues at the Stadium as David Oliver Joyce is in against Michael McDonagh in a repeat of the 2011 final.

2150 Egan says that he is taking a bit of a well-earned break but insists that he is not retiring. Is he waiting on Ward to go pro or will he try his hand at heavyweight again.

2145 What a performance from Ward who made Egan - a ten-time national champion and Olympic silver medallist - look average. Ward at 18 years old must be one of Ireland's best prospects for the future, at any sport. The professional promoters will certainly be sniffing around Ward but hopefully we see a lot more of him in the amateur ranks.

2141 The winner and a comprehensive victory for the reigning champion Joe Ward 29-10 to make it two national light-heavyweight titles in a row. Ward full of praise for his corner and said that he wanted to attack Egan and make him miss and then counter. Game plan worked a treat. Fair play to Egan joins in the post-fight interview and admits that he cannot handle Joe's power. Egan wishes Ward well in the qualifiers and reckons if Ward gets to London he'll come back with a medal.

2140 Round Three and more of the same from Ward but the tempo has slowed. Kenny needs some quick socring but looks tired and is taking a bit more punishment as another hard left lands from Ward. Egan to his credit still throwing punches and staying in the centre of the ring. Ward eases down knowing that he has this in the bag. Bell goes and score not confirmed but surely a Ward win.

2136 Ward leads 17-8 after R2. Ward well ahead going into the final round - can't see Egan getting the points back and definetely not going to stop the mountain of a man that is Ward.

2135 Round Two - Egan looking better in the second round taking control of the centre of the ring. Ward goes down but deemed a slip - couldn't be certain if Egan connected there. But Ward comes flying back as the round progresses and lands a couple of big lefts. Ward definitely looking stronger and punches getting through. Egan forced to take a standing count just before the bell. Ward should be well ahead.

2129 The buzz around the Stadium is fantastic as the two southpaws come flying out. Great start to the fight and begins at lightning pace. It's a brawl in the opening 30 seconds as Ward comes flying at Egan. No respect for the elder statesman. Egan starts to find his composure as the fight calms down. Ward threw and landed more punches and takes a substantial 9-5 lead into the second round. Egan needs to keep his distance and pick his punches as Ward is a bundle of energy.

2125 The big one is just about to take place as Ken Egan and Joe Ward start to make their way to the ring - It's like the main event as the crowd are really buzzing and thankfully Egan came back down to this weight to have a proper shot at London 2012. Ward took this bout last year but Egan appears much more focused this year. Really excited to see how Ward reacts this year. Game on...

2115 Conlon still picking off the punches and was happy to keep going forward despite his comfortable lead. Jimmy Magee is predicting a medal for Conlon in London while Dowling just seems so excited watching the great prospect. Conlon wins 19-11 - another title for the Belfast boxer. Conlon praises his opponent after and said he felt more pressure to perform tonight as the crowd want to see what he has ahead of the Olympics. Bernard Dunne in the studio is also a fan and says that Conlon is a lovely straight puncher.

2110 Conlon is ideal for the computer fighting says RTE commentator Mick Dowling. Lands another fine punch and is just picking off his opponent. New system in place with the scoring so that you cannot get the score until the end of each round. Actually allows you to watch the fight without staring at the scoreboard and should make the final rounds more interesting as boxers won't know the score until bell. Score moved to 13-7 in Conlon's favour.

2105 The flyweight final between Conlan and Phelan has just started. Conlon the taller of the two and looking very composed. Impressive first round to take the first round 6-2.

2100 Live coverage just started on RTE Two (available worldwide on Lots of famous faces in the audience - full house at the stadium - President Michael D Higgins is in attendance as is Barry McGuigan and Carl Frampton. Andy Murray (boxer not tennis player) is also there and Katie Taylor, who was unopposed in her division is also enjoying the show. Next up is Michael Conlan, who has already qualified for London Olympics, against Chris Phelan.

2057 Paddy Barnes edged Hugh Myres 21-17 in a cracking fight to take his sixth national title, while John Joe Nevin was next into the ring and eased to victory against his second cousin Michael. The result was never in doubt as Nevin won 23-3, his 17-year-old opponent totally outclassed as John Joe claimed his fifth national title.

2050 Walsh stays ahead with Duffy chasing but now three points down 13-10. Duffy throwing lots of shots but the taller Walsh looking composed. And Walsh hangs on to win the Featherweight title 15-13.

2045 Good evening. The Elite finals have started at the Stadium and there have already been wins for Paddy Barnes, John Joe Nevin, Lynne McEnery who beat Oliwia Samsanov 16-13. Michaela Walsh and Dervla Duffy are currently in round three out of four the score currently 7-5 to Walsh. Duffy on the attack and Walsh just took a standing count.