Basketball Ireland CEO Bernard O'Byrne is calling on Government to provide a "clear pathway" for the resumption of the sport and feels indoor sports have been "marginalised" in light of restrictions put in place to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

The 2020/21 National League basketball season has been halted since October prior to the introduction of Level 5 restrictions which govern training options for both adult and underage players.

Speaking to RTÉ's Game On as a Government decision on easing Covid-19 restrictions looms, O'Byrne said Irish basketball was ready for a resumption. 

"We're ready to go, we've been ready for a while but obviously everything has been on hold, so what we're looking for now really is a clear pathway back to playing our sport, particularly for our National League clubs and our international squads," he said.

"We're asking for Government to talk to indoor sports, to consult with us because we feel we have been marginalised and not too much attention paid to us.

"We want the politicians and decision-makers to take into account the thousands and thousands of people who are interested in the 16, 17 or 18 indoor sports that exist in Ireland, and of course from my own point of view, the number one indoor sport basketball."

He added that from an indoor sports perspective, "we haven't been listened to and there hasn't even been a distinction between outdoor sport and indoor sport except for that the outdoor sports are the only ones that have been consulted and spoken to".

In light of safety protocols, O'Byrne said that in his view, "the idea that indoor sport in some way is very dangerous is not borne out by any medical evidence and no medical evidence has been shown to us."

He continued: "If we look around Europe, nearly all of the major basketball leagues in Europe are either back or have a definite plan of when they're coming back.

"We are not looking for any shortcuts here. We actually we're the sport that closed down first back in March. So we are responsible, we are careful and we don't want to endanger anybody. But we need a plan to get back to sport and to do it properly and safely."