Scottie Pippen is reportedly "beyond livid" with Michael Jordan for his portrayal in the 10-part Chicago Bulls documentary The Last Dance.

Pippen regrets participating in the Netflix/ESPN documentary, which offered creative license and a dominant voice to Jordan, whose commentary has offended many former team-mates and opponents, according to ESPN 1000 radio host David Kaplan.

"He is so angry at Michael and how he was portrayed," said Kaplan.

"Called selfish. Called this, called that. He's furious that he participated and did not realise what he was getting himself into."

Jordan labelled Pippen as "selfish" for his decision to have surgery at the outset of the 1997 season.

Former teammates, including current Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, said many players on the team didn't view Pippen's plan as self-serving.

Jordan also smirked and gritted his teeth at the reference to Pippen playing through a migraine headache in Game 7 of the 1990 Eastern Conference finals. The Bulls lost that game to the Detroit Pistons.

Longtime NBA scribe Jackie MacMullan said Pippen was "wounded and disappointed" by the documentary.

Former Bulls forward Horace Grant told ESPN the documentary was largely entertainment and 90% "BS."

Sharpshooter Craig Hodges called Jordan's version of events from 1988-92 and characterisation of the early Jordan-era Bulls as a "cocaine circus" as inaccurate.

He also ripped Jordan for his label of Pippen as selfish.

"I'm kind of salty about how everybody got interviewed but me," Hodges told The Odd Couple podcast.