The Rolling Wave

The Rolling Wave

Sunday, 9 -10 pm

The Rolling Wave Sunday 14 April 2019

The Rolling Wave

The Rolling Wave

Tonight's Rolling Wave features music from Consairtín 2018- a concert with Pádraig Rynne, Tara Breen and Elaine Hogan. Just a flavour of the kind of music which might be played at this year's Consairtín Festival in Ennis between the 25th and the 28th of April. All the details on 

The Rolling Wave also went to the launch of public access to ITMA's Ephemera collection. This collection has been organised over the past 18 months or so by Treasa Harkin from ITMA and a group of dedicated volunteers and there's lots of interesting material to be found there. 

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Named after a famous traditional Irish tune, The Rolling Wave is a sharp ear and a close eye on the world of traditional and folk music in Ireland.



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Presenter/Producer:  Aoife Nic Cormaic


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