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There are so many ways to enjoy RTÉ Radio. This page gives a comprehensive list of what stations are available on what platforms (FM, DAB, web, etc.) and provides some basic instruction on the steps necessary to begin listening.

Analogue Radio

Below are the RTÉ Radio stations that are distributed using analogue radio signals. They are broadcast terrestrially over the air using traditional broadcast transmitter masts and on cable systems installed in some cities around the country.

Over the Air

These are the RTÉ Radio stations that are broadcast using analogue radio signals from RTÉ NL’s transmission masts around the country. More detailed information is available below the tranmission map, but in general the frequencies for the stations fall into the following ranges:

  • RTÉ Radio 1 FM – On 88-90 MHz
  • RTÉ 2fm – On 90-92 MHz
  • RTÉ lyric fm – On 96-99 MHz
  • RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta – On 93-95 MHz

RTÉ Radio Tuning Information for Truskmore

RTÉ Radio Tuning Information for Clermont Carn

RTÉ Radio Tuning Information for Cairn Hill

RTÉ Radio Tuning Information for Kippure

RTÉ Radio Tuning Information for Maghera

RTÉ Radio Tuning Information for Mount Leinster

RTÉ Radio Tuning Information for Mullaghanish


Several VHF FM main transmitters in strategic positions transmit our FM service thoughout the entire country. These can provide good signals well outside the main reference circles shown on the map above.

Additionally many auxiliary transmitters serve local areas where signals from the main transmitter are known to be weaker.


In addition to the analogue terrestrial transmissions detailed above, Dublin, Galway, Cork and Waterford have RTÉ Radio services on the UPC analogue cable system. Click the link to see details of frequencies in each area.

Digital Radio

A DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) Radio is the only receiver at present that is capable of receiving all of RTÉ’s transmitted radio content. The RTÉ NL DAB MUX (multiplex) on channel 12C – 227.360 MHz has 54% population coverage and is available in Cork and Limerick cities and the greater Dublin area. In addition to the four main FM stations, the following Digital only stations are on offer:

  • RTÉ Gold
  • RTÉ 2XM
  • RTÉ Junior
  • RTÉ Pulse
  • RTÉ Radio 1 Extra (which carries all Long wave content)

To tune these stations in for the first time, select ‘auto-tune’ or ‘scan’ on your Digital Radio. The Dab Ireland MUX 1 along with all of the stations it contains will be found and stored in your radio. From this point on, the stations are available in a simple list on the radio’s display. While each radio model differs, selecting is usually done by turning a knob and pressing ‘Select’.

Occasionally the need to re-tune your set may arise. If you experience any loss or interruption of service please perform the steps outlined above. In addition to this you may want to remove the old stations in your radio set that may no longer be on air. Every set will have the option to ‘prune or remove inactive stations’. Performing this task will ensure your set only displays radio stations that are on air in your area.

Re-tuning your digital radio

From time to time stations move channels or digital radio line-ups change meaning that you may have to retune your digital radio so you can continue to receive your favourite stations.

Re-tune instructions

For all DAB digital radios at your home or in your car, refer to the instructions for your particular product on how you re-tune, delete old station labels and reset your presets. If you don’t have a manual it is often possible to get it online by searching for the make and model of your radio.
Most digital radios can be re-tuned using the following simple instructions:
Press the Auto-Tune or Auto Scan button on your digital radio. It may take a couple of minutes for your radio to update the station list.
However, not all digital radios re-tune in the same way. The instructions below cover some other options.

1. Press the Auto Tune or Auto Scan button on your digital radio
2. The display screen will show 'Autotune Quick scan' / 'Fast Scanning'
3. As new stations are found the station counter on the right hand side of the display will increase and new stations will be added to the list
4. This should only take a couple of minutes
5. Simply scroll through the display to find the stations available to you

1. Press 'Menu' button on your digital radio
2. Rotate the 'Tune' button until you see 'Autotune' in the display 3. Select 'Autotune'
4. As new stations are found the station counter on the right hand side of the display will increase and new stations will be added to the list
5. This should only take a couple of minutes
6. Simply scroll through the display to find the stations available to you

Deleting the old "station label"
Where stations are renamed or cease, some radios will keep the old "station label" in the station list which may have a "?" after it. If you want to delete this from the list, there are two ways.

1. Trim Station list

This is a function which many radios have. “Trim Station List” removes any inactive “station labels” from your list of stations. Simply find and select this option and inactive names will be removed. Don’t forget this should be done after Auto Scan or Autotune so that the list is up to date before trimming

2. Press and hold the 'Select' or the 'Info' button on your radio until the display shows 'System reset' or 'Factory reset'

A full reset will be performed and your station list will be updated.4. Please note that any presets will be erased, so you will need to reset them.

For more information, the user should contact their manufacturer or refer to the instruction booklet.

How to use your presets
Resetting your radio (as above) may result in your radio losing its presets. If you want to restore your presets, please following the instructions below:
1. Select your favourite digital radio station on the station list.
2. Hold down the suitable preset button for 5 seconds
3. Release preset button

For re-tuning or resetting instructions for your digital radio, please see the following links to manufacturer/retailer sites:


RTÉ Radio is distributed digitally via satellite and on cable systems within Ireland and the UK. When the appropriate set-top-box has been installed correctly, station selection can be made by typing the relevant channel number on the device’s remote control.


To access SAORVIEW for free, you need an aerial and a SAORVIEW Approved set-top-box for you old TV or an aerial and a new SAORVIEW Approved TV. When you plug in your new equipment, follow the steps on-screen and it will automatically tune in the services. All RTÉ’s radio services and programme guides are listed on the SAORVIEW EPG, from channel 200 to 209. You can find out more about SAORVIEW at www.saorview.ie

Digital Satellite

This section is for those who want to manually tune their digital satellite receiver to RTÉ Radio. See the section below for Sky and Sky+ channel numbers.

  • Radio 1, 2fm, Lyric fm and Raidió na Gaeltachta – Astra 1N – Orbit 28.2 degrees East, 10.744 Mhz, Horizontal Polarisation, Symbol Rate 22000, FEC 5/6

Sky and Sky+

  • RTÉ Radio 1 FM – Channel 0160
  • RTÉ 2fm – Channel 0164
  • RTÉ lyric fm – Channel 0165
  • RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta - Channel 0166


  • RTÉ Radio 1 FM – Channel 901
  • RTÉ Radio 1 Extra – Channel 920[http://www.rte.ie/radio/staytuned/radio1_mw.html] / 940[http://www.rte.ie/radio/upc.html]
  • RTÉ 2fm – Channel
  • RTÉ lyric fm – Channel
  • RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta – Channel
  • RTÉ 2XM – Channel 944
  • RTÉ Junior (becomes RTÉ Chill at night time) – Channel 942
  • RTÉ Pulse – Channel 943

Virgin Media (UK/Northern Ireland)

  • RTÉ Radio 1 – Channel 917 (Ex Telewest customers only)

RTÉ Radio Player

You can listen live to RTÉ Radio using the new RTÉ Radio Player. You can also use it to listen back to clips from various shows across RTÉ Radio.

The RTÉ Radio website provides many links to listen to clips and full shows from the family of RTÉ Radio stations.

Launch the RTÉ Radio Player now!

Internet Radio

If you have an internet radio connected to the net, you can browse through it's directory to find the full compliment of RTÉ Radio services. Devices differ, but generally you can quickly find RTÉ Radio services by selecting Europe, followed by Ireland and finally selecting the station you desire. See your specific device's instructions for more directions.

If RTÉ Radio is not listed in your device's directory, please contact the directory operator. When an internet radio is switched on it looks up an internet radio stream directory. These directories are third party and are not controlled by RTE. Different devices look up varying directories depending on the set. RTE Radio as best it can ensures that these third party directories are publishing the correct streams for all of our radio services and sometimes they are incorrect. Below is the official list of our streams for use on internet radios.

For MP3 audio streams:



You can also subscribe to podcasts of RTÉ Radio content. This allows software on your computer to automatically download clips from RTÉ Radio when they become available. The subscribe links can be found on the pages of shows that have podcasts, or can be found in the RTÉ Radio Podcasts section of the website.


In addition to the FM receiver included on many modern phones, the following Apps are available for a selection of popular phones on the market:

  • RTÉ Radio Player App for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android
  • RTÉ Radio 1 App for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • RTÉ 2fm App for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Doc on One App for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android
  • Mooney App for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

In April 2015, the Irish Radioplayer app was launched. RTÉ and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland have collaborated to launch the App that brings Irish Radio stations to your Android and Apple devices. And what's more, it's really simple to use. Visit radioplayer.ie to download and dive in!

If your queries about how to listen to RTÉ Radio aren't covered in this section, send your query to hearus@rte.ie.


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