All RTÉ radio stations and some news and weather services are available on Amazon and Google smart speakers. 


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Amazon Alexa

To get RTÉ skills on your Amazon Echo:

  1. Go to your Amazon Alexa app
  2. open the menu
  3. Select Skills
  4. type "RTÉ" into the search bar
  5. select the RTÉ skill you would like
  6. click ‘Enable’

News & Weather Flash Briefings

To listen to RTÉ News and Weather from Met Eireann, enable the skills, then say: 

"Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?"

You can manage your Flash Briefings by opening the Amazon Alexa app, then going to Settings and selecting Flash Briefing.  You will then be able to sort the order of your Flash Briefings and add or delete as you wish.


To listen to RTÉ radio stations, first enable the skills, then ask Alexa to:

Google Home


Try saying "hey Google, play the news".  Or "hey Google, play the news from RTÉ".

If it doesn’t play RTÉ News, follow these steps: 


To listen to RTÉ radio stations on Google Home devices, say

Hey Google...

· play RTÉ Radio 1

· play 2FM

· play RTÉ Lyric FM

· play Raidio na Gaeltachta

· play RTÉ Pulse

· play RTÉ 2XM

· play RTÉ Junior

· play RTÉ Gold

· play RTÉ Radio 1 Extra


Google can play podcasts.  However, it can be hit or miss whether it will understand your request. [This is outside of our control].

We find the best way to ask for RTÉ podcasts is to say:

"hey Google, play the [podcast name] podcast from RTÉ"

– e.g. "hey Google, play the Morning Ireland podcast from RTÉ".

You can see the list of RTÉ podcasts here: www.RTÉ.ie/podcasts