Three migrants have died and 11 were injured in a collision in southern Hungary that police believe was caused by a human trafficker.

The collision occurred near the village of Bocsa, 122kms south of Budapest around 2am, police said in a statement.

A vehicle carrying 15 passengers failed to stop at a police checkpoint and crashed head-on into another vehicle before bursting into flames, the statement said.

Two of the passengers were killed at the scene, while a third died later in hospital, it said.

Another 11 were taken to hospital with injuries.

The driver, a Georgian national, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of human trafficking and negligence leading to a fatal road accident, police said.

"A Georgian man wanted to smuggle 15 illegal migrants across the country," the police said.

Last week an advisor to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said 157,000 migrants had reached Hungary's borders so far in 2022, an increase on last year's figure.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Mr Orban said last month he would set up a new border security body due to the increase.

In 2015, Mr Orban erected razor-wire fences on Hungary's borders to keep out migrants and implemented harsh asylum-seeker policies that have been criticised by rights groups.