Police in Brazil have said they had arrested a second suspect in the disappearance earlier this month of British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenous specialist Bruno Pereira.

The federal police said in a statement they had arrested a 41-year-old man identified as Oseney da Costa Oliveira, whom they said was "suspected of participating in the affair".

Brazilian media said he was the brother of the first suspect to be detained in the case, fisherman Amarildo da Costa Oliveira, also 41 and nicknamed "Pelado".

Witnesses said they saw Amarildo pass at high speed onboard a boat going in the same direction as the boat in which Mr Phillips and Mr Pereira were traveling before their disappearance.

Traces of blood on his boat are being analysed, and personal effects of the two missing men were found underwater near the home of "Pelado". who was arrested on 7 June and has denied any involvement.

Police said yesterday they had also seized firearm cartridges and an oar, without specifying whether the objects were found in the same place where the latest suspect was arrested.

The 57-year-old veteran freelance journalist has worked in Brazil for the past 15 years.

Mr Pereira, 41, is an expert who was on leave from his job with the Brazilian government's Indigenous affairs agency Funai, and a well-known advocate for these communities.

He was accompanying the Briton as a guide on Mr Phillips' second trip to the region since 2018 when they disappeared 5 June.

Earlier this week, Brazil's federal police said that reports that the bodies of the two men had been found in the Amazon were not correct.

Police said in a statement that only biological material and belongings of the missing men had been found so far, as previously announced.

A police statement said clothing belonging to Mr Pereira had been found, including a health identification card in his name, and a backpack with clothes belonging to Mr Phillips, along with the boots of both men.

A fireman leading a search team told reporters that the Equinox backpack, containing clothes and a laptop, was found tied to a half-sunken tree trunk in the area that the two men were last seen on 5 June.