The Taliban's deputy prime minister has urged the global community to offer support to Afghan people without any "political bias" as the country faces a major humanitarian crisis.

"In various places right now, people do not have food, accommodation, warm clothes, or money," Abdul Ghani Baradar said in a video message released by state media.

"The world has to support Afghan people without any political bias and carry out their humanitarian obligations."

Snow has blanketed most of central and northern Afghanistan in recent days while flooding has affected parts of the south.

Mr Baradar said the weather had worsened the plight of the Afghan people, adding that the Taliban were prepared to help with the distribution of international aid across the country.

Since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in mid-August, billions of dollars in aid and assets have been frozen by the international community.

Global aid agencies have warned that more than half of Afghanistan's 38 million people are expected to face hunger, with inflation and unemployment surging.

No country has yet formally recognised the Taliban government and diplomats face the delicate task of channelling aid to the stricken economy without propping up the hardline Islamists.